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#MGT30 Happiness door, the feedback machine

Mis à jour : 25 févr 2018

It’s always difficult to get feedback from participants at the end of a workshop, training or meeting. Realized at the end of the workshop, this time of restitution is overlooked. As they go around the table, the participants very quickly repeat the comments made by the previous ones. How many times have I not heard :" everything has been said "," in the same way as the others "," nothing to add ". Often, these forwards are not very constructive. What a frustration for a host. We need these materials to improve our deliveries.

For several years, I have been practicing ROTI (Return On Time Invest) : At the same time, each person gives his or her evaluation of the time spent on a scale from 1 to 5 (number of fingers of one hand). At this point I begin a dialogue with the people who gave the lowest score." What would it have taken different to do more than +1 on your bill? "," What did you miss to make your evaluation better? ". That way, I systematically ask the 3 or 4 worst ratings. However, this practice is incomplete because people who liked the moment cannot express themselves and give details of their motivation.

If I keep the practice of ROTI for short meetings, I have generalized the practice of happiness Door, proposed in the Management 3.0 repository, for training courses.

Before the session, I install the poster in a passageway, often on the access door to the room.

I wait until the end of the first module to present the poster. From that moment on, I wait for a first participant to come in and provide feedback. We exchange on it, and there, systematically other people express themselves. Just invite them to come and post their feedback on the happiness door. This ritual is repeated several times during the day. The practice is accepted as soon as the participants stand up on their own to enrich the poster.

I use this support to make the connection in the early afternoon for a check what has been leraned. And of course, at the end of the session, we'll take another look at it again, possibly coupled with a ROTI.

This is a very good tool to introduce the concept of feedforward when you have tickets in the lower part (i dislike). All you have to do is take a picture to feed your improvement loop.

When the workshop gathers a lot of people, I just need a feedback door. The participants position their opinion via a sticker on a two-axis diagram: Content and animation.

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